Jul 9, 2013

How to make a Pearl covered cake...

Hi All!!! It's ben a minute since I posted and that I apologize..please forgive. With that out of the way I wanna post a cake hat I am super proud of and tell you how I did it. Here is what you will need to make it all happen.

1. round pearl silicone mold that can be found on-line or at Michael's craft. 
2. perfect batch of white decorators icing 
3. coral & pink wilton gel colors
4. white fondant
5. gumpaste for peony (done a week in advance to dry)
6. peony flower cutters in 3 seperate designs

I like to make my cakes all the night before so that they are delish and super moist. the last thing you ever wanna hear after all your hard work is that is was dry as a bone but looked pretty. After all it is yummy cake your covering and not rice crispie treats. (i concider that cheating)

Construct your cakes just like you would with buttercream in between and dirty ice the bottom layer and the top on seperate boards and allow to chill for at least 2 hours in the fridge. Then cover the bottom layer with fondant in the most perfect way. 

Now I doweled the cake and slid the top layer that is still all buttercream onto the bottom layer of fondant covered cake.

It's time to start making a million pearls. I will tell you that a bit of flour in a papertowel with an elastic worked wonders for the silicone mold. This thing was so sticky it drove me insane. Make sure to periodically clean this thing and re-flour to prevent the fondant from sticking. I started at the bottom of the tp layer and made sure to place first ones at the back as you seem to get better at them as you go along...you will see;)

press them in ever so slightly placing them pyramid style so to not see any icing popping through and keep them very very close. Go slow and do it right the first time. Once you start man handling these pretty white pearls thay will not be so white:-) when I finally got to the top I decided to keep going and circle the pearls around into a circle and put my fabulouso peony flower in the middle. I then dusted the entire top layer with confectionary sugar to get a nice matte white finish and get rid of any little marks from my fingers. As seen in the pic, i "dripped" a nice row of fondant pearls and secured the backs with a bit of piping gel in clear of course. You can do these two ways (either make them and then take a needle and thread and run through the strand like you would a real necklace. I only did this with a few strands after they had dryed a bit it was much easier to hold onto the string. I can't tell you how to make the flower in this post but I plan too in upcoming ones. 

This cake was a huge hit!!

Apr 2, 2012

{Tutorial} Easter Candy Topiary

I love topiaries, I think that they are an elegant touch to any table scape. I make them for almost every holiday.  Since I have been asked on many occasions for an instructional of my candy topiaries, I thought I would share it with you:

Some kind of container; pot, watering can, vase) with well fitted foam base
round foam ball in desired size (I used a 4")
dowel (I used a chopstick, but have used a thick candy cane, a twig...get creative)
tissue (wrapping kind works great)
candy of choice
glue gun

Be sure that the foam is secure inside the container that you are using as the base of your topiary.  Place the dowel into the foam ball securing with a bit of hot glue. Center the dowel into the base foam, securing with hot glue.

Start by gluing the candy onto the squares of tissue, it only requires a dot of glue.  Once you have all the candy glued onto the tissue, start gluing each piece onto the foam ball. Continue doing this until the ball has been filled.

Finish by embellishing the base of your topiary with ribbon and grass filler, moss or whatever you have on hand.

These are a great addition to any dessert table or used as a centerpiece! Here are some ones I found while browsing that are great inspiration once you have the basics I gave you down....now get crafty girls!

I hope these wonderful pics inspire someone to get out of their comfort zone and try one of these projects. They look so good added to a candy buffet or buy candy to match a certain theme.

God Bless, Sage Mommy aka Melissa

DIY Lego carry case

My son is in love with legos and I must admit I have always been into them too. They are the toy that a child can grow with, therefore not a big waste of money in my eyes. He is always going to grandma's and really needed a cool thing to cart his little tiny legos here and there. I found this originally on pinterst but wanted to make a bigger one and added a handle to carry easier. Here it is step by step!

Mar 23, 2012

Donut cake for new recruit

I could not be happier with how playful and fun this cake turned out. The client knew what she wanted and I could just incision it when we were talking on the phone.

I used a 12x12 round and doubled the recipe I used. I then cooled, filled and frosted the cake and then cut out middle using a biscuit cutter. I dirty iced the entire cake using decorators icing that I love working with.

For the coffee mug...I molded 1/8 inch thick fondant around a glass and then cut a bottom and secured it. I filled with paper towels for support and let dry for a few hours before laying it on its side.

The spilled coffee is chocolate fondant and the badge was free cut and sprayed with edible spray paint and hand painted.

She loved it and I hope officer Lund enjoyed his cake tonight!

Peace, love & cake people,

Jan 27, 2012

Dresser turned vanity

I was given a awesomely beat up and eaten by dog dresser from my mother and it was a gem waiting to be brought back to life. I thought to paint it a bright turquoise and replace the knobs with simple glass ones that I bought for about 3 each at home depot.

I hired a carpenter with minor plumbing skills to basically take the dresser and cut a whole in the top to fit the small sink I had. That was purchased for 28 bucks at bond depot also. I ended up using 5 inch molding used to frame a door but I love how when you paint it, it really came together! I'm no where close to done but after the walls are linen white with punches of color....it's gonna be cottage cute:)

Nov 18, 2011

Fried green tomatoes…never had them?

Fried green tomatoes….have you ever had them before?  I had not, not really sure why, the opportunity had just never presented itself.  Let me tell you, I have actually had dreams about them after making these.  YOU.MUST.TRY.THIS.RECIPE!

Fried Green Tomatoes with Goat Cheese and Tomato Jam
6 hard green tomatoes, sliced 1/4 inch thick
Kosher salt and black pepper
Freshly ground black pepper
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup well-shaken buttermilk
1 cup yellow cornmeal
2 cups Japanese panko bread crumbs
Vegetable oil, for frying
Tomato Jam (see recipe epicurious.com)or purchase at any good grocery store
¼ pound goat cheese
Slice the tomatoes into ¼” slices. Season with salt and pepper. Pre- heat oven to 200°. Line a baking sheet with paper towels. Place the flour in a shallow bowl, the buttermilk in another and the flour and cornmeal (stirred together) in a third bowl. Take a slice of tomato, coat in flour (shaking off an excess), dip in the buttermilk, then coat with the breadcrumb/cornmeal mixture.  Place on a plate and repeat the breading steps with the rest of the tomato slices. Heat ¾” of oil in a skillet to 350°.  Cook tomatoes on each side until golden, about 2 minutes per side. Remove with a slotted spoon, place on the baking sheet. Keep in the oven until all the tomatoes have been fried. Top with a piece of goat cheese and a dollop of tomato jam.
There is simply nothing like one of these and a glass of cabernet to wash away the pain your boyfriend causes you:)
Enjoy, Sage Mommy

Oct 26, 2011

Make Your Own Linen Spray! (It's Easy, I promise!)

Make Your Own Linen Spray! (It's Easy, I promise!)

Lately I'm rather obsessed with making my own bath products, thanks to the lovely set of essential oils E gave me recently. (Such a thoughtful fellow!) I love linen sprays, but not paying ten dollars a bottle, so I thought I'd have a go at making my own. Turns out, it couldn't be simpler.

You will need:

Vodka to act as an emulsifier
Distilled Water
Essential Oils
A liquid Measure
A spray Bottle

I used Bergamont and Eucalyptus for mine since I love fresh, green scents. Just combine 1/4 cup of vodka with 3/4 cup of distilled water and a few drops of your desired scent and pour it all into your spray bottle.

Add a pretty label with a little ribbon and it's gift ready. Make sure to include instructions to shake before using. I've paired my homemade linen spray with Martha's Ginger Bath Soak and My DIY Sugar Scrub to make a little mini pampering kit. I'm planning on giving out a few of these to the teachers I've worked with this year. Heaven knows they could all use a little relaxation and pampering this summer!

What have you been making lately?

Oct 12, 2011

A Teeny Tiny Halloween Project

I'm always looking for a FUN WAY to make my son shreek with laughter and he goes nuts for gross bugs and snakes and things so this project was perfectly great and cost about a buck:)

Bought a bunch of spider rings for a dollar and put one in each ice tray and then filled with water and froze it. He went nuts! Goons is only 3 so the little things are so important. 

Happy Autumn!

xoxox, Melissa

Aug 16, 2011

Burlap Bag Craftiness

Have an old burlap coffee bag, potato sack, or rice bag squished up somewhere in your closet because it was just too interesting to throw out but too large to use as a lunch bag or tote? Never fear! Some of my favorite bloggers have got you covered with burlap bag craftiness that is in many cases, super easy. And in the cases where it is, the results are super awesome. Here are some of the ideas that will have you at the next tag sale looking to re-do an old chair.

I always collect pictures of burlap projects to do one rainy day, this might be the motivation I need to complete one for the bedroom:)

xoxo, melissa

Aug 8, 2011

Things I love right now...

Just exhausted and needed to get inspired and fell upon some great pics of rooms both inside and out.

The below pic seems to be a framed baby crib mattress, I just love the idea to hang all my kitchen spoons and utensils on in the cake room.
 I'm on the search for the free crib.

So simple and pretty. The plaid is perfect in an outdoor setting. 

The wallpaper is the perfect focus wall, i love the massive size of everything in a small space. really impressive.

Enjoy and goodnight:)

May 6, 2011

{10 dollar diy light}

Thank the heavens for ANTROPOLOGIE and every creative mind that went into decorating and redecorating those stores! I get so much inspiration from a walk around with my Starbucks. This is something I saw there and then found it again while searching for other ideas. This is a clever idea for a light on the cheap. Even a wicker basket or kitchen strainer would be a great idea to try! Basically anything that has holes in the bottom to run the wire through or if you are able to drill with the right size bit then go for it!

I've seen the lighting kits at IKEA for 4 bucks and Home Depot for about 7 or 8. I love the shadows it gives when lit and it just screams that you are super creative to anyone who sees it.

Enjoy Melissa

Apr 25, 2011

Dresser into Kitchen Island??

This is not my favorite example of doing this but until I do it...it's the only one;).

I would love to find a wide sideboard with great sturdy legs for my kitchen. Something in dark wood with some glass knobs would make me smile.

I love the simplicity or this that any women can grab a pint of paint and some hooks and make it happen. Islands can be so expensive and this can be done for well under 100 if you are frugal. Take your time and find the right piece.

Good luck and just wanted to share. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

God Bless

Apr 23, 2011

Display Your Brushes with STyLe..

I am always looking for ways to make decorating cakes easier and with doing in my home it is hard to make it pretty and functional at the same time. This clever artsy soul filled and old distressed planter with beans (I'd use black eyed peas)and then stuck all her brushes in there. They look so colorful and pretty it just makes you want to paint something.

I happened upon 2 planters this past weekend for this project at an estate sale I hosted and they look the same. Even been outside and neglected and the best part is I got both for 10 bucks!

Now I need to buy 100 more brushes to fill it;)

Anyone know a great source for art supplies that are on the cheap?

Apr 5, 2011

Homemade Lollipops;)

Melissa's fancy free rainbow pops
2 cups of sugar
2/3 cup of corn syrup
2/3 cup of water
1/2 t orange extract
food coloring (red, yellow, and blue)
Lightly spray a cookie sheet with pam. Place lollipop sticks in rows leaving 2 inches of space in between(I taped them down with one pice of scoth to keep them all in place).Combine sugar, syrup, and water in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil over high heat. Without stirring, cook until mixture reaches 305 degrees. Set up an ice bath in the sink. When the mixture is done, dip the bottom of the saucepan into the ice bath for 10 seconds to stop cooking process. Stir in extract. Divide sugar mixture into 3 separate bowls. Color one bowl with the red food coloring, one with the yellow, and one with the blue.Spoon the mixture over the lollipop sticks, creating free form designs by mixing colors. Let harden and enjoy.

sage mommy aka Melissa

Mar 27, 2011

Tree Cake Stand

I am always looking for a way to cleverly displaying my cakes for clients while keeping costs down and style up;) This is a real simple way to do it if you have a tree and a chainsaw to cut it...in my case I think I will be employing a handsome boyfriend to help this lady out...Ohhhh Mr. Mike??

What You’ll Need
A Cross-Cut Wood Plaque (round or oval)
A Cross-Section of a Tree Limb   (Make sure the top and bottom are parallel)
Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue (or a similar extra strong wood glue)
A Large Wood Clamp

Cross-cut wood plaques can be found in your local craft store or online at Hofcraft. The come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches in diameter.   They are usually found in the section with the wood-burning kits and other wood crafts.  They are clean, sanded and ready to use.
1.  Take your tree limb section and wipe the cut surface clean.   Put a generous amount of extra strong wood glue on the surface. (see figure 1)
2.  Place the limb section in the center of the back side your wood plaque and press down firmly.  Wipe away any excess glue with a clean, damp cloth. (see figure 2)

3.  Place the two joined pieces in a wood clamp and let dry for at least one hour.   If you don’t have a wood clamp, you can stack a few heavy books on top of your pedestal until it’s dry.   (see figure 3)

4.  Use your pedestals to display cakes and desserts (see figure 4) or use as a base for a centerpiece.   If you want to place food directly on the wood surface, coat it first with a food-safe wood sealer.  If you would like to keep the wood it’s natural color, place a piece of parchment paper beneath your cake or dessert.

What it Cost
Wood Plaques $3.99 – $5.99 each
Tree Limb – Free from our wood pile!
Wood Glue – $3.35

Is this not the greatest idea and so easy. I love it for clients and think with the right cake it looks fabulous!

Enjoy, Sage Mommy

Mar 2, 2011

{Stencil a Focal Wall} yourself!

Nothing is prettier or more eye catching then a small project that is this gratifying. I painted a bedroom in black chalkboard recently and although I adore the drama and function of it, when I saw this I thought..."now THIS is the NEXT thing that must happen on that wall." 

Below are the materials and simple 123 directions to get this project rolling.

Materials Needed:
  • stencil 
  • stencil brush
  • painter's tape
  • pencil
  • wall color paint
  • accent color paint
  • paper towels
  • level


Choose wall to stencil and select stencil design, wall color and accent color to paint stencil design. Paint wall if it is not already the chosen wall color. Start at the top left hand corner and make your way across the wall making sure first that your stencil will fully fit the design across the wall. Use a dry brush method by dipping into the paint and then blotting any excess on a paper towel. Tape the stencil on using painters tape and move across the wall being careful not to smudge:) 
Sit back and admire your fabulous handy work and pat yourself on the back for being so damn crafty!

Loves ya,
sage mommy

Feb 28, 2011

{Homemade Applesauce}

I made this applesauce due to the overwhelming amount of apples I had and if something was not done they were all going into the garbage. My son was not feeling well and what kid does not like applesauce? I learned something a while back that I must share with you all...Apples are traditional remedies for diarrhea. But do you know that raw grated apples are used to treat constipation whereas stewed apples for diarrhea? No, not me. I was totally ignorance about this fact until last December when my son was hit by a stomach virus. When I read up on what food to offer for kids with diarrhea, I found out that we should avoid raw apples!! This is because they contain high fiber which may irritate the kid’s digestive tract. It is better if we cook or blend the apples first to take advantage of the pectin and other nutrients in them. In this case, applesauce should be offered as it is high in pectin, which helps to naturally firm very soft or liquid bowel movements. Applesauce is also one of the highly recommended foods for kids with diarrhea besides rice, bananas, toast, tea (herbal) and yogurt. With that being said whip up a perfect jar of applesauce which will keep for about three weeks in the fridge. I added lemon zest and a small amount of sugar in the raw and a cinnamon stick to hang out while they cooked down. I used around 6 peeled and cut into chunks gala apples. They are sweet and don't require much sugar to be added. i like it chunky so I used a potato masher at the end and during to get it to the right consistency. It was so good. I will always use this to battle a stomach flu for my little guy:)

Feb 25, 2011

{Somewhat Topsy Turvy Baptism Cake}

I made this cake a while back for a very cool customer that I happen to meet on a blog. I never really was 100% with the outcome but since I have posted the cake everyone loves it. I am even in the process of re_creating it in sage and ivory with a Noah's Ark theme for a twin's baptism. The entire cake is decorated in fondant and the only thing I did ahead of time is the bows so that they could dry. I sat them on a shelf so that they would get a crease and sit on the edges of each tier. I have to say everything else was not planned;)...

The best thing to do when working with Topsy Turvy for the first time is to freeze your cakes so that they are dense to work with and less crumbs when sculpting. Take your time and do it in stages and the whole thing will be fun and not such a headache.

I always make the bottom layer straight because it is more stable and I just think it looks more balanced in the end. I really ended up loving this cake a lot more after seeing it. It was fun looking and made a real statement.

Jan 31, 2011

Barbie Butterfly Princess Cake

This cake was a daddy's request for his little girly girl's birthday. She is the type that loves hair and makeup so she needed something really cute and fun. The cake itself is fairly simple to construct so I added some little butterflies and flowers to her dress to pretty her up. The doll is from a craft store made special for this type of cake and has a pic inside it to stick directly into the cake after you cover the bodice. I actually baked the batter in a pyrex oven safe bowl I picked up at a thrift store and it came out perfect. Just a bit of slicing to fill the layers with icing and the cake was perfectly rounded.

I heard tonight that she LOVED it so that is all that counts!

Jan 27, 2011

Love at first sight~

When I saw this picture on FLICKR, I thought it was so fun & whimsical that who would not want to create in a room this colorful and bright. Just thought it was a nice kinda starting point to start thinking about the direction I wanted the back room of my house to go when making the cake decorating room. Nothing crazy, just a spot to create late at night and listen to music and get into the groove of things. 

Sounds like a plan, 
now I just need the time;)))


Jan 12, 2011

{RePurposed Suitcases, please stay seated}

I adore finding a creative soul that is as talented and gifted as Katie Thompson the eco chic chick that operates and designs for RECREATE.

When my sister  spotted a picture of a baby blue suitcase chair on tumbler.com and showed it to me, I did my research and found the creator. It seems like a project almost possible to try myself and I will keep my eyes open for the perfect suitcase, fabric and leg combination.
What a wonderful invention and it looks so fabulous, I want one in the corner of my bedroom with a little table on the side for my son to climb up on and relax.

A manikin covered in fabric and made into a lamp is just another great example of how a piece can be transformed, I need to get to this store!

I still feel excited when I see a piece that is truly perfect to me;)

Jan 9, 2011

{Hollywood Runway Cake"

Fresh out the oven and off the counter is this cake that I had sooo much fun doing. Gold Luster dust stars and a red fondant red carpet. The movies reels were a cute addition and what's a red carpet without the velvet rope. I added the birthday boy on a popsicle stick on top...it came out really fun looking and I think it really fits his persona. I hope he loved it.

*Sage mommy

Jan 7, 2011

{Love Bird Cake}

Don't you love when you get a chance to be creative and show off what's in your head because you are lucky enough to have a friend that totally believes in your ability to create a great cake for them?

I am blessed to have someone in my life like that, so by request of A GREAT FRIEND and the best referral I have ever had, my good friend Vaso ordered "the love bird cake"!

This is one gorgeous lady with a wonderful fiance' that I think is one of the best and most sincere people I have come across in my life. They both have exquisite taste. She wanted a Topsy turvy cake with love birds to match her invite with a red and black motif throughout.

I decided after running it by her that I wanted to try my hand at a topsy turvy cake stand that was in my head. I am constantly giving myself too much to do;)

I used a large piece of MDF that I cut into 9x9 squares and then sanded down the edges smooth. I literally made the cakes and assembled the stand one tier at a time while covering the entire cake. It was crazy but for lack of knowing a better way it got done;)). Luckily I am fortunate to have a handy manny girlfriend, Tara to think things over for a second time with me. It got done and delivered and I had a great time at her engagement party and everyone including my friend LOVED the cake. It makes me so happy to see the reactions of people and makes it all worth while!

I'll do whatever it CAKES;)) Sage mommy

Jan 6, 2011

{Someone's Beautiful Creation, that I must post}

This is my favorite cake of all time. I found this pic on stumbleupon.com and I wish I had a reason to have my hand at re-creating it. Love the bloomers and laundry in all different colors of fondant. I just think it is so beautifully done and if anyone knows the baker & creator please let me know but in the meantime I just had to post it!

Take care & happy baking!

Dec 30, 2010

{PRADA cake for the girl that has everything}

At first I thought this cake was going to drive me crazy, sometimes the simplest box shapes can be the most difficult because they have to look perfect.

Everything really started to come together after the shoe finally started to harden after almost 12 hours in the fridge. I do not have gum tex but could have added that to speed up the drying which I will make sure to have in the future. Super happy with how it looks. Love the cake board covered in matching fabric and piped royal icing roses I think came out yummy and very pretty. I painted the shoe with silver luster dust and lemon extract and the entire cake and decor is (DUFF's RED buttercream fondant.) Highly recommend his black and red fondants. They are super expensive but taste the best and are really a quality ingredient to work with.

The little purse was a last minute idea because I thought it needed some balance on that side. I just love it and Diana the birthday girl was thrilled with it also.

Email me with any requests, I'm working on the new domain name & website so stay tuned!

Dec 28, 2010

{Diva Cake}

This cake was one of the most fun and challenging cakes to date. I worked with a "pillow cake pan" really not necessary but it was a last minute cake order and I wanted it to come out perfect so I splurged and purchased the pans. I only ended up using one because the cake was huge when I put them together so I used one and covered that with coral dyed fondant and ran the rope along the edge. One thing I will say is that there is no waste of cake when you use the pillow pans and they come out almost perfect after a little tweaking. The slipper is a chocolate candy mold I bought online and the entire cake is covered in fondant and the rope is painted with edible gold luster dust watered down with lemon juice and then applied by painting some corn syrup along the seam of the pillow to make it stick. I support the rope with some toothpicks until it dries the next morning, (that's a lil tip for you cake bakers out there).

{Peace Love & Cake}

sage mommy