Jul 9, 2013

How to make a Pearl covered cake...

Hi All!!! It's ben a minute since I posted and that I apologize..please forgive. With that out of the way I wanna post a cake hat I am super proud of and tell you how I did it. Here is what you will need to make it all happen.

1. round pearl silicone mold that can be found on-line or at Michael's craft. 
2. perfect batch of white decorators icing 
3. coral & pink wilton gel colors
4. white fondant
5. gumpaste for peony (done a week in advance to dry)
6. peony flower cutters in 3 seperate designs

I like to make my cakes all the night before so that they are delish and super moist. the last thing you ever wanna hear after all your hard work is that is was dry as a bone but looked pretty. After all it is yummy cake your covering and not rice crispie treats. (i concider that cheating)

Construct your cakes just like you would with buttercream in between and dirty ice the bottom layer and the top on seperate boards and allow to chill for at least 2 hours in the fridge. Then cover the bottom layer with fondant in the most perfect way. 

Now I doweled the cake and slid the top layer that is still all buttercream onto the bottom layer of fondant covered cake.

It's time to start making a million pearls. I will tell you that a bit of flour in a papertowel with an elastic worked wonders for the silicone mold. This thing was so sticky it drove me insane. Make sure to periodically clean this thing and re-flour to prevent the fondant from sticking. I started at the bottom of the tp layer and made sure to place first ones at the back as you seem to get better at them as you go along...you will see;)

press them in ever so slightly placing them pyramid style so to not see any icing popping through and keep them very very close. Go slow and do it right the first time. Once you start man handling these pretty white pearls thay will not be so white:-) when I finally got to the top I decided to keep going and circle the pearls around into a circle and put my fabulouso peony flower in the middle. I then dusted the entire top layer with confectionary sugar to get a nice matte white finish and get rid of any little marks from my fingers. As seen in the pic, i "dripped" a nice row of fondant pearls and secured the backs with a bit of piping gel in clear of course. You can do these two ways (either make them and then take a needle and thread and run through the strand like you would a real necklace. I only did this with a few strands after they had dryed a bit it was much easier to hold onto the string. I can't tell you how to make the flower in this post but I plan too in upcoming ones. 

This cake was a huge hit!!

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