Sep 27, 2010

{Super Easy Ghostly Cupcakes}

Don't you just LOVE these...I do. They are so easy and they look like you worked all day on them. I went ahead and used a box mix when I discovered I was out of flour but still devilishly delish! Chocolate ganache icing and then rolled the sides only in chocolate jimmys.

Now for the ghost:
This little number is draped over a marshmallow that I snipped with scissors to make more round at the top.

Roll out your store bought white fondant, I used Wilton white. Use a ravioli cutter or cookie cutter & make a small enough circle that it will
sit on the cupcake and not (over) it. 

Stand your marshmallow up and drape the fondant over. 
Then trim the bottom (of the marshmallow) as needed so it sits flat on cupcake

Add two dots with an edible black marker and carefully place on this little masterpiece. Your people will think you are soooooo clever;)


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