Sep 25, 2010

Jeannie's Engagement Cake!!!!

So sorry for the delay in posts!  Life has been crazy with LOTS of ups and plenty of DOWNS.  So I said that I would post the pics of the engagement cake I did for my sister Jeannie. To say the least, Mike & I ate the thing for hours while baking and it was delicious! Lemon cake with coconut buttercream...FABULOUS!!! The party was a blast and everyone had a great time (maybe too good a time) it took me a week to get back to normal.

So here it is.. I called a florist and requested flowers that were pestiside free and safe for cakes. I then wrapped all the stems in sran wrap and tapped them around before sticking them in the top of the cake to secure. I went with fresh antique hydrangia and some orangey colored roses to match the umbrellas. 

I twisted a "V" as planned out of wire and wrapped the whole thing in silk sage ribbon. 

A word to the wise...a cake this big needs to be very cold before sitting out for hours but it turned out great and my sis was sooooo happy!

Nite Nite, Sage mommy

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Jeannie said...

Amazing amazing cake! It topped of an even more amazing day! Justin and I can't thank you enough for making it, xoxo

Jeannie :)