Sep 29, 2010

{ Maker's Mark Cake }

So during a Estate Sale prep today I started talking about this cake I did and realized I loved how it came out and never posted it. So here is the low down, chocolate bourbon cake with a chocolate buttercream filling and covered in white fondant. 

This is my first attempt at hand painting a cake but I printed a picture out of the "Maker's Mark" Bottle and  just started mixing edible icing color together until I reached a bourbon like caramel color. I sponged it on dragging the color down & across first. I let the cake dry and then added the fondant label and dripped melted chocolate dyed red to look like the all known "wax dipped" top. Maker's mark is known for! 

I love this cake and Brendon loved it too! His girlfriend wanted to surprise him and she did with sky diving and a handmade Kentucky style birthday cake!!

Thanks, Sage Mommy

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steph said...

Great cake! We love Makers