Sep 14, 2010

{Engagement Cake}

So my sister does not read this blog so I can talk freely about her gift on here. She is engaged to the man of her dreams and her swaree' (not spelled right) is this Sunday. good people have been chosen to do the cake. Not to mention this family are caterers and his aunt is a great pastry chef so no pressure?? right.

I have decided to go with a lemon pound cake with coconut buttercream and cover the whole thing in the most delicate of sage green fondant and a bunch of fully bloomed sugar flowers on the top. Also thinking to top it off with some winter white butterflies stuck to the side of the cake...she loves butterflies! Here are the inspiration pics I'm using and I'll post the cake for all to see!!

I love the bottom layer color of this fondant...

I'm doing the fallen pedal thing along the side which is so elegant!

I have to do the "V" her new last name is viesta and our last name is with a "V" also, I just don't know where to incorporate this yet? Any ideas, feel free to comment;)


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