Jun 15, 2010

{Free Paint Party Invitations}

I spotted these while trying to figure out an inexpensive way of inviting friends over for a paint party later this summer.

How adorable...right? Just grab a bunch of cute paint sample cards and type away! If you don't have a type writer, your local library will have one (I called to check).

I love the "COLOR ME HAPPY" on the bottom. So creative and a great idea for those samples that usually end up in a pile somewhere.

Hope this post finds someone well!

Love, Sage Mommy


LuckyStarHeather said...

Where did you find these? I love it - such a cute idea!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Leigha said...

This is a seriously adorable idea. I wonder what else could be 'made' from paint chip cards. Hmmm...