Jun 5, 2010

{ Stairway to Heaven or the laundry room}

I saw this a while ago and decided to save it to post about when I was ready to start thinking about what to do with my basement stairs. I am in the process of turning my basement into a rental and it is a slow moving process to say the least;)

I love how whimsy this project is and with some leftover paint and a little creativity with words or numbers you can transform something mundane to a great focal point. I love the numbers and would def. put a thick coat of polyurethane over the entire project to ensure you aren't touching up for years.

The outline of black finishes this off and I love the type set they chose. Great for little ones (like mine) who are just starting to count everything.

This beachy shade of blue goes so well with the stark white of the space. Even the huge guilded mirror ends up working. I can't make out the words along the bottom but I love the idea of a great saying across them.

I hope this post finds you well and happy decorating. Email me a picture if you end up doing this or have any cute ideas for me...I would love to hear them.

xoxo, Sage Mommy

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