Jun 16, 2010

{ My Favorite Homemade Father's Day Card }

This year I wanted to plan something cute for Father's Day, something inexpensive but from the heart? I love these cards from marthastewart.com and even though they are a little tough to make they are adorable once finished. (I've been practicing for 20 minutes now). Make sure to use some cool patterned paper to really make this project pop.

Here are the directions:

Use legal-size (8 1/2-by-14-inch) decorative paper.
1. Place paper facedown. Fold in half vertically; unfold. Line up left edge with centerline fold, and crease; repeat with right edge. Unfold, and lay flat.
2. Fold top-left corner in to line up with outermost crease, forming a triangle; repeat on top-right corner. Using index fingers and thumbs, pinch together outside points of each triangle so they meet, and crease.
3. While still pinching triangles, fold down top edge (this will make sleeves).
4. Turn paper upside down, and flip it over. Fold down top edge 3/4 inch.
5. Flip paper over. Fold top left and right corners so tips meet at centerline.
6. Tuck bottom edge under collar, and flatten by creasing. For the tie, cut out an 8-by-1/2-inch strip of decorative paper. Knot paper. Snip close to knot on one side; trim other to a point. Glue to shirt.
Don't forget to add a cute message to your favorite daddy like, olive u soooo much Mike! You are my favorite daddy.

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