Nov 3, 2009

DIY {Easy Baby Leg Warmers}

Baby leggings can be used as arm warmers & leg warmers for all ages. They make great baby gifts too. I thought they are so cute because they keep Jesse warm with just a diaper and shirt on around the house and they will be great for potty training. The now very famous and trendy baby legs are 12.00 a pair and although I LOVE them, these can be made. I picked up a 3.00 pair of socks from Walmart and made sure they were extra long and cozy for Jesse's chubby little gams.

Step 1. Find a fun pair off socks.
Step 2. Cut off the heels and toes like the first pic

Step 3. Discard the heel & toes

Step 4. Using the lower foot piece turn them inside each other wrong sides together. This will be the bottom cuffs.

Step 5. Now just place the leg pieces into each cuff like this

Step 6. Then sew around using zig zag stitch or whip stitch and be careful to get all three layers!

Step 7. Turn them out the right way and slip them on your little one.

These are another simple and addicting project that takes about 20 minutes, my son is fuzzing with them but he'll learn to love them. Next ones are flames;))


wishiwerebritish said...

this is the first baby leg tutorial i have understood. thank you for not over complicating it!

~ RM said...

Great tutorial. These will so come in handy this year!!!

Lisa Orlando said...

I love this Melissa... PS I added your blog to my favorites so I am going to be checking n commeting.

Sage Mommy said...

thanks's a super easy project and they really come in handy. I'm going to attempt to make a pair for myself outta old sweater sleeves.Welcome;)Halloween was so much fun and you really need to start your own blog with all the creative ideas floating around.