Nov 10, 2009

DIY {Before You Throw Away Paper...}

I was so happy when I came across this post on scrap paper re-purposing. I have a ton of stuff that is too pretty to throw away and this is the perfect little project. I have my son's western party coming up and I made a candy buffet with recycled mason jars. I thought I could add a little interest to the jar lids and maybe add some red & white check tops.

Here are the simple simple directions:

paper scraps
Mod Podge in matte finish
medium craft brush
jars with screw lids

Instructions for jars
1. Wash jars thoroughly. Remove any labels with Goo Gone or similar product. To remove smells, soak in a bleach solution. Let dry.

2. Lay jar lid face down on the back of decorative paper and trace lightly with a pencil. Sketch a circle that is bigger (the height of the lid plus 1/4″) around the circle. You can use a round object to trace if you can find a similar one in size. Cut slits about 1/4″ apart that go right up the first pencil tracing. Coat inside circle with Mod Podge and adhere to lid. Press down thoroughly with clean fingers. Lay face down on surface and begin gluing strips in a clockwise direction. Coat 2 or 3 strips at a time and fold each one up and over the edge of the lid. Continue until all the strips are glued.

3. Turn lid over so pattern is facing up. Coat with Mod Podge to seal. Let dry and then screw onto jars.

So pretty huh? What ideas do you have for paper? Comment me & I'll be sooo grateful.


Erica said...

I just found an amazing ornament craft through The Red Thread blog. She used fabric pieces but you could use paper as well. By the way, have you heard about the Bloggers Ornament Exchange? Check out my blog to see!

~ RM said...

Oh, great idea. I love to make candles for gifts, and this would work perefctly with all the jelly jars I've saved up... I was planning on spray painting them, but this is so much prettier!
Hope you are enjoying your fall!~

Sage Mommy said...

yeah,that is adorable. Makes me wanna get some styrome forms and modgepodging the whole thing;)

Michelle said...

ooooh I just love this idea :o) I have sooo many jars saved up and was thinking of doing some cookie mix jars as christmas prezzies. I now know what to do with the lids :o) Only prob is we don't have modge podge in Ireland - not sure what the equivalent is?? M x