Oct 29, 2009

{ I Thought This Might Bring A Smile }

Feeling a little overwhelmed these days with life and have been wondering what craft i could get into between the hours of 11pm-3am since I seem to have an open time slot in my schedule. What's cuter then a precious felted birdie with a cute embroidered pink heart? Nothing that's what.

I stumbled upon skiptomylou.net and she is the most creative little lady with step by step directions and adorable photos to boot.

She was making about 20 of these for a calendar but I was thinking of sewing it onto another piece of felt on a wooden loop and hanging it in my bedroom. It's always nice to wake up to something handmade by yours truly and have it be super cute too.

This is the template printed out and placed on top to start tracing with a pencil or disappearing pen..
NOTE: that dotted lines are where you trace to sew your colored felt to sew on.You can download the template by hitting the link at the beginning of post.


~ RM said...

Oh, they are too cute! Thanks for the template- a few small changes, and they will make some GREAT Christmas tree decorations! Love them!

Catherine Anne said...

Oh I love this!!!!!