Nov 14, 2009

{ Paper Mache Animals }

Yes this creation is awesome, artistic and some how super creepy. I love it but I think i'd like to try it minus the little mouse head and just have a pretty paper mache bust i think;)

I was searching for a craft to do last night on what I have to say is the rainiest fall ever around here and thought about the wonderful world of paper mache I sooo enjoyed as a kid. I figured what's not to love, eating paster & ripping's a 2 year olds dream.

We made a giraffe out of wire hangers bent in half for legs, a water bottle body taped with 2 tons of masking tape and then another wire hanger bent & slipped inside the water bottle and taped to form the long giraffe neck and little head. We covered the whole thing with masking tape tomake secure and give the papermache something to adhere too. Use syrophone for little ears and horns(it's light weight & cheap). Oh yeah...don't forget a little rolled paper tail;).

Papermache Recipe:
1 1/2 cups flour
1 cup water

Mix until a nice soupy consistancy. It is impossible to get out of clothes, so was messy but so much fun. My son was really concentrating on putting every ripped piece of newspaper on perfectly. So cute.
Paint with acrylic paints after it dries, ours took 3 days?

And now a few wonderful creations to get some ideas.

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Funtastical Faces said...

That paper mache giraffe is so cute. You are very creative!
Ps - thanks for mentioning me in your Blog.