Sep 19, 2009

{ Mason Jars* Trendy Drinking Apparatus or Deadly Weapon }

In all my brainstorming regarding my son's party I had over-looked the total un-comfort of a scratchy hay bale. I have been searching for something pocket friendly and of course stylish that can make these things comfy and still remain rustic and kid friendly.

I love these pillows in a row that compliment the vintage cowboy fabric to a tee! Makes me think I need a couple yards for the kiddie table...hmmmm. DONE;)

My parents backyard is pitch black at night so hopefully the boyfriend will be able to rig up some ambiance if the party goes later then planned. These hanging lanterns are pretty inexpensive and you can always re-use them. Photo via

What on earth is a western showdown without SMORE's. Martha Stewart has done it again with these crafty twigs and birch stars. Check out the pre-wrapped smores package she made. I want to do as much up-front as possible so I can hang with the little man and some friends!

Quick story: of what everyone around me knows is MY LIFE totally.

I go out today with my little sis "nonnie" & brother "Jesse" (I named my son after him)and we try this awesome organic cafe that opened in Greenwich. We were just finishing up when my son goes to follow me and falls taking a glass mason jar drinking glass with him (which by the way I admired the entire time.) I run outside to see his hand dripping with blood and glass everywhere! I'm hugging him my lil rumps and the owner was bandaging and offering me free baked goods to ease the pain. What started out as a delish cappuccino ended in blood & screaming but I am hear to report the trauma is over and he is doing great. Apparently the hands bleed allot.

Oh & I also found a site for the CHEAPEST mason drinking jars ever( Would that not be the most southerly bit of love ever. At .38 each I think they are my new home drinking glass. Martha would be so proud:D but my son might have flashbacks.

Peace Love & Chicken grease - Sage Mommy

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such a cute post! these ideas are adorable xo.