Sep 22, 2009

DIY {Oh So Easy Fabric Shades}

I have a newly neutral khaki & white horizontal 12 inch striped master bedroom. Almost done but still need to do a few finishing touches before it is blog worthy.

Now while looking for a great fabric treatment for the windows I decided to try my hand at doing my own and found this project at Woman's Day mag. This beauty started out as a cheap white roller shade and they used spray adhesive to add fabric over top. They folded strips of fabric to make this tab pull at the bottom and then bought a silver cafe rod (about 3 bucks) at Walmart to pull up & down.

I think it is perfect don't u??

The directions for this project are from Alice Falkier from Design Star. I tweaked them adding the tabs & pull rod from this picture.

The spray adhesive works fast. Be sure to get all your wrinkles out immediately, or you’ll be stuck with a wrinkly shade.

roller shade
2 yards of fabric
spray adhesive
double sided adhesive tape
fusible webbing
cafe rod
First cut 4 strips of fabric that are about 6-7 inches long and 5-6 inches wide. Fold each side in to make a clean loop & making sure they are all EVEN(I made this mistake) . Iron the pieces and insert fusible webbing inside to hold into place. I stapled the loops with 2 staples in each straight onto the bottom of the shade into the wooden strip inside. Placing the first & last loop about 2 inches from the outside and then
1. Go to a highly ventilated area for this first step. Lay your fabric out and spray with your adhesive. Spray about 6– 8 inches away. Be sure to use your painter's mask for this step.
2. Carefully lay your fabric on top of the roller. Crease any wrinkles out.
3. Back at your workspace, grab your scissors and cut the fabric along the edge of the shade.
4. Roll your shade back up.
5. Measure your trim along the bottom edge of the shade, leaving a little room on both sides and at the bottom (to fold inside and lay on top of tabs to cover them).
6. Measure out the appropriate length for your double sided adhesive tape.
7. Press your tape into place and peel off the top layer.
8. Carefully press your trim onto the tape.
9. Tuck the trim on each side to hide the seam.
10. Insert cafe rod after the rod is hung and set. Enjoy.
Do you love it! Comment me & tell me if you tried it.


Dawn Dishes It Out said...

What a great idea! I have a window in my home that those would love perfect in. Thx!!

~ RM said...

man, seems like I don't have the guts to make that window treatment ;) but maybe I could try! You did such a great job!

Anonymous said...

Our hand wash fabric is not completely clean. We are use some Fabric Treatment for our Fabric or Carpet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome girls!!Oh yeah RM..give it a try woman and Dawn,thanks:))

Anonymous said...

LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV this idea. You always think of what I need at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the hardware sagey??

Sage Mommy said...

Dawn let me know how it turns out!!

Sage Mommy said...

The hardware came with the shade(everything was from Walmart).Thanks for stopping by;)