Sep 27, 2009

{ DIY: Painted Door Knobs }

When we bought our house about 2 years ago it needed a ton of work as you all know, (still does). The entire place was covered in the most dreadful wallpaper you can imagine. I laugh sometimes because the only thing we managed to keep was the tongue & groove ceiling in the family room and the door knobs;) They functioned but with that dull scratched brass they needed some help. Will thought of the idea to paint them black instead of spending on new ones. Hey, if they chipped we would just buy new ones. I loved the idea and I am so happy we did it. 2 years later they are on and poppin.

Oh by the way...the pic of yellow drippy paint is not mime but a really cool photograph(sadly the person didn't leave a way for me to give her credit). Love you whoever u r.

Here is what you need:

Sandpaper (200 grit or whatever you have on hand is fine)
Metal primer
Spray paint for metal(I used all purpose paint from Rustoleum in satin black)

Remove the knob & lightly sand the entire piece.Wipe clean of any dust and in a ventilated area spray the primer on, wait an hour, and then put the spray paint on lightly, wait another hour and then put another light coat of paint on. Take you time with the spray paint, keep your distance about 6-10 inches from the hardware and you'll end up with a nice finish.

Spray paint is available in so many finishes. They have a paint that gives you a hammered finish which I haven't tried but it looks fab. The copper looks awesome too. Even painting a pretty image like these lemons add pop to this door and is a different place to add interest.

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Dawn Dishes It Out said...

What a fab idea!! I wish you would have posted this last year when we were replacing every brass door knob and hinge in our new home. Good to know for the future!!