Aug 11, 2009

{ Trend Hunting } Faux Animal Mounts

After watching an old episode of HGTV's ColorSplash today I fell in love with a master bedroom David bromstead designed in these great cool blues & earth tones. Although the room is not the most creative I've seen, I will say that I really adored the use of the warm maroon and grey sweater pillows and the fluffy overdone cream bed linens. But the thing that had me saying "Finally something different" was the rhino head above the bed! I like how unexpected it is but yet blends with the earthy eclectic feel of the room. I don't agree with the hunting so this is a great way to pay homage to an animal without putting a bullet through it's poor head. I searched for the wire rhino and found it! I also spotted a little trend of really cute and sophisticated versions of this stuffed treasure.

Intricate strands of bronzed wire make this sculpture of a rhino bust featured on Color Splash for 199.95

Black resin giraffe hangers via Charles & Marie for 50 a set

This white resin 4 pointer also via is so posh I'm thinking if it can be worked into the decor some how. 199 with a 20 dollar handling charge.

Even a stuffed felt creation for the kids room, I kinda love this mount, reminds me of the last unicorn;) Cute for a kids room but kinda maybe a little twisted too??
Enjoy your night, I'm going to bed-Sage Mommy


Sara: said...


I would like to let you know that I've started up a lifestyle/decorating/budget friendly blog.

I also have a BlogRoll of the blogs that I read most often, and you are definitely on there! Thanks for all the inspiration!


Sara: said...

Ha! I actually tried commenting on your blog the day I got them but it wouldn't let me :)