Aug 14, 2009

{Chandeliers In Bedrooms}

When planning and buying lighting for a bedroom, I think allot of people tend to think lamps and recessed lighting but what about the gorgeous ambiance a crystal chandelier creates. Especially in the bedroom where you want it to be a retreat at the end of a hard day.When choosing crystal chandeliers for bedrooms, it is important to remember that the look of the chandelier should not overpower the aura that the bedroom is creating. Keep in mind that the chandelier should not be the main focus of the room, but the bed should be, which is why your chandelier should not be too over-elaborate in order to make it complement the room instead of overpowering it. The design should be soft and smooth to help accent the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Seems over the top if you spotted it at the store but works so great in this room. The round shape but softness of the crystals work perfect. Lighting really makes the room. Photo via

Love all the bursts of color in the violet and cranberry geometric rug and the santorini blue ottoman and chandelier. Great color combinations and gives this room an surprise pop of color on the ceiling, drawing your up. The photo via

One of my favs for the soft wall color and the chandelier just lend a kind of candle light to the bed. This photo shows that big style can go in the smallest of spaces. Photo via

2 small inexpensive hanging chandelier pendents on either side of this bed looks balanced and gives the hubs something of his own to Ikea has cheaper versions and they plug right electrician required. Photo via

This drippy light blue and crystal chandelier adds such an elegance to this bedroom. The ceiling being left that deep mohagany color just pops with everything being so beachy. Photo via
Think outside the box next time your shopping for lighting. A pretty chandelier somewhere unexpected can do wonders for a room and how you feel in it.
Enjoy today...Sage Mommy


Kelly B said...

I really wanted a crystal chandelier in our bedroom. I would still love one, but in the south it is so hot... I knew we needed a ceiling fan more. Maybe someday someone will invent a drop crystal ceiling fan. Until then, I will just drool.... thanks for the pics!! :)

bellamartinelli said...

I LOVE this!!! I have been searching for the perfect chandelier for some time now... I haven't found an affordable one (thanks to law school), so I am trying to figure out a way to cover my current light fixture to look like a chandelier because I live in an apt.

Sage Mommy said...

Thanks Bella, PotteryBarn has the cutest clip on star shade that goes right on the existing bulb that is around 39.00 and looks great. Plus it's an easy fix and you can take it with you!