Aug 6, 2009

Sometimes It's The Little Things...

Isn't it funny how a terrible day can somehow be turned around when you put your mind to it. If your reading this blog then chances are you are a slight bit like me and enjoy the everyday home projects and keeping busy. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, feeling like I don't have the time or energy to do the crazy things I used to. Feeling like life has slowed down and I'm still running to catch up.

I guess I am coming to realize that when you get older and start a family{whatever that is in your house} a child, husband, boyfriend or pet, you learn to slow down and really take stock in whats important. So I shouldn't be worried about the chipping paint in the playroom ceiling or that little spot I missed when I redid my dresser. It doesn't matter, I'll get to it...whenever.

So for right now what I can do is little things...put new pretty drawer pulls on a dresser (I swear Anthropology is just as expensive as a therapist but works quicker) or buy myself some fresh flowers, just doing something different, just for me once in a while....because sometimes it's the little things that can turn a day around.

Go do something nice for yourself tonight, if you have little ones at home chances are you DESERVE it;))

Have a blessed day! Sage Mommy

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