Aug 4, 2009

A Bright Place To Rest My Head

I wanted to share with you these bedroom flicks that I just adore. I really want to get started painting our bedroom from a dark grey to a shade of rusty orange but I just can't seem to find the motivation. I'm thinking this might be just the push I need;)

If you are considering decorating your room in this color, I say do your research on the color. So many people see red when you say "orange". I always loved it but have yet to find the right shade. The nice thing about oranges are it can simultaneously brighten a space while warming it up. Paired with the right colors and accessories, a large swath of orange can make a room really shine. I would suggest using accent colors like soft yellows and sagey greens. I also love this color with rich dark wood tones and hints of brown. A bright turquoise vase or picture would give this bold color a real contemporary feel if that's what your after...I usually opt for the {found look} a room filled with flea market finds all with a story attached is the best decor in my opinion. I just need the right backdrop to

So perfect right, I love the bold hot pinks and reds and splashes of baby blue. Photo by

This color is what I am after. Paired with the navy blue and creamy the rusty orange really looks cozy!
I found out while searching that this tone of orange is Husky Orange (Sherwin-Williams 6636): I'm looking for an Orange that features rusty tones with more brown in it. photo by

Ahhhh, I want to get into that bed so bad. Love the simplicity but all the thought that went into everything being so pretty. photo by

We all know this room, HGTV home 2008. This orange blends beautifully with the natural elements like the rattan rug and oak dining table.

Enjoy your night. - Sage mommy

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Erica said...

I love that color! It's the color of my current kitchen (soon to be loved by someone else), I'm going to miss it.