May 19, 2009

Suspended Garden

Can this project be any cuter? Perfect for an herb garden. The pastels really make this a great art piece for your garden.

The project is pretty simple:
1. Rustoleum paint or spray in 3 complimenting colors (here they used a sage green, grass green & baby blue all in a satin finish.)
2. Painters tape
3. pot hangers (available at
4. 9 Ceramic pots ( has them very cheap)

Directions are pretty easy. Tape the top of each pot covering the lip of each pot fully so no paint seeps through. Vary the colors and spray 2 of each the same colors. Let dry & remove tape.

Now measuring so your pots don't touch when hung, space them out using your fence pieces as a guide and secure the ceramic pot hangers in place. To use the ones sold at they have to be pots with a lip on them to hang securely.

lil' TIP: Wait until pots are hung to take back down and start planting. Sooooo pretty...I bought the herbs before I even had the pots and paint?

Another Day, Another Project.