May 17, 2009

Patio Decor ala Nautical

I fell in love with the idea of sailcloth for outdoor pillows. Got sails lying around? Don't throw them out or let them collect dust anymore. Reiter8 also accepts donations of old sailcloths. With your donation you will recieve a complimentary tote made from your old sail. 2 of these pillows are around $70...Genius!

I often stroll with my son down the shoreline collecting shells and noticed on the drive a really cute idea to take 3 old logs and cut the top on a diagnal and tie together with thick rope mimicking dock pilings. They could border flower beds 0r add an element to a rock garden.

Don't forget the kids!! These mini versions of adorondacks are made of FSC-certified (and thus responsibly harvested) eucalyptus wood. Built for a long life, they'll stay out of the landfill longer. Plus you can have them it.69.99 at Pottery Barn Kids.

These lobster bouys have a great weathered look and
at 21.95 they are great thrown over a fence post or hanging on the inside of your outdoor umbrella.

This outdoor fixture is available at in the
50 & under section of lighting. 35 bucks for this
seaworthy caged ship light is a great deal.

I have a low hanging roof line that is perfect for a couple of these in various sizes hung from rope. These are a little costly at 70each for the largest one at PB...I'm gonna keep looking. Ikea maybe??

Hope you enjoy this mind is buzzing with crap to do so stay tuned;))

xoxo Sage Mommy

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