May 21, 2009

Adorable Garden Fence From Leftovers

This idea is from and the perfect way to re-use leftover fence. Makes you want to plant a little veggie garden just to have a place for this fence,right? I started this project late today and it is moves along fairly easily if you are comfortable with a skill saw (we got re-acquainted after a long hiatus). A few tips I learned today. Keep it Simple: Let the size of the fence be the size of the garden & make sure your screw gun is charged so your not doing it by hand while it charges. I'm siked to start painting it tomorrow! The color is really going to transform it!

In this pic he is securing 1x4 strips across the BACK of the fence , 2 screws each will make sure it stays straight in the ground.
Here's the materials:
4x8 preassembled wood fence panel
1x4 lumber, 8-foot (to re-in force the fence across)

4x4 fence post (decorative top looks the best)
4x4 Metal post holders
(to hold fence in ground)
Deck screws
(they don't stain or weather)
Exterior paint (it's moisture resistant)
1x1 furring strips (that's for the tomato cage)

If there are any decorative pieces on top, cut them off now so that you have 2 uniform fences when your done. Once that is done; measure two 2 foot pieces and draw a line across, with skill saw cut across the entire thing.

You'll be left with this:
Lay sections on saw horses or drop cloth
and paint away.

Once paint is completely dry, hammer the post holders into the ground & then slip posts into holders & tighten screws. The ones I bought were 24 inches long and came with screws.

Next, attach fencing to the posts with deck screws. You can touch screws up with a Lil paint once done...just in case you need to make a last minute adjustment.

I'm going with navy blue posts with khaki fence because that's what I have left over from my house being painted.

Paint the post a contrasting color like they
did here or re-use what you have lying around. Just make sure it's graded for outdoor use.

Have Fun!!!

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