May 13, 2009

Pretty Pathways

This summer the boyfriend & I decided to work on our little backyard. Currently it's an overgrown concrete slab (hence picture from last summer below). Hidden beneath I see an oasis but it's a long dig from being there yet.

When I saw this picture of this pretty river rock path it justs made me think that the ocean is just beyond. So precious.

My backyard last summer, that cinder wall screams for a river rock refacing, huh??

I snagged this 3 tier fountain for $99. The sounds of trickling water will totally help with some street noise. I want it to be the focal point some where along a pretty path.

Reused brick from a construction site was used to make this circular patio. Handmade circular mosiacs lead you to it.

a formal red brick pathway lined with black eyed susans makes you want to keep going.

How pretty the pea gravel and loose stone border look.

I love how this curvy gravel path leads to
a romantic little swing. This path was layed first with weed membrane (to keep the enemy from rearing it's ugly head) and then lined with benderboard before the gravel was poured in.

Stained timber with crushed limestone makes
a really pretty contrast.

This picture from the little red dot is what I think I will go with. Square pavers filled in with peagravel is easy underfoot and is a DIY project I think "i" ...I mean "we" can handle.

I hope you go outside and make yourself a place of your own & if you have any ideas for little stairs please comment!

I found this quote and thought it was so true and so wonderful.
"You can bury a lot of troubles
digging in the dirt."

I think it belongs somewhere...check back.