May 4, 2009

Almost A Pottery Barn Chair

A few months back I was browsing 1 of the 500 Pottery Barn mags that come to my house each week & spotted these painted queen Anne chairs. Loved them but not going to go for the 200 price & convinced as that I'd find some chairs at GoodWill and paint them myself.
It happened...On the side of the road, 4 UN- broken Queen Anne chairs with really gross wet cushions for the taking. They are almost identical to PB's version..I was high from the excitement.

I willed them to myself I swear....just look....

The project begun at once. I had been thinking about a hounds tooth pattern for the fabric but then I saw a really thick coastal stripe in buttery yellow, slate blue and green. (2 yards for 4 chairs is perfect and the fabric was 5.00 a yrd) I wanted to replace all the foam to make it extra comfy so I purchased a bag of sheet batting and package of 4 foam cushions. All came to around 15.00 bucks.

I ended up finding Rustoleum spraypaint in a great buttery yellow satin finish at homedepot. 3 cans covered everything perfectly no primer needed.

I set up shop and started spraying...LOve iT already! BuT, I can't get 2 excited. A few light coats is the way to go for a smooth finish. I tend to rush and then do more work fixing everything.

I ripped apart the old seats and cleaned the wood with a bleach spray to kill anything that might be lurking. I let the wood dry out for 2 days.
I then layed the new foam square on top to begin the re-upolstery experiment.

Then I flipped the whole thing over and layed out the batting and traced around the seat leaving a few extra inches around the edges for stapling.

Staple the flat side first & then the sides leaving the corners for last. I made a small fold on each corner and stapled the hell out of it.

The same process for the fabric and then I trimmed the inside of each seat in case anyone crawls under the table to check my work;)

And after screwing the seat back on this project is done.

Not difficult and totally affordable. I can't wait to carry them all upstairs and see them around the table.