May 1, 2009

Raising My Organic Garden

I took an interest in gardening about 2 years ago, before then I was not yet a mommy & my summers still consisted of motorcycle riding and working 65 hour weeks.

Alot changes when you have kids...I wish I knew years ago how gratifying fiddling in the yard could be, I would have started alot sooner.

After researching the pros & cons of raised verses non, I decided on this raised bed plan from bigblendmag. I love the neatness, size and fence style posts on this one. We are in the process of putting up a fence and will have plenty of scraps to make this. beds are great because the soil holds heat longer, less weeds and no walking on the soil which depletes that oxygen and compacts which is a plants worst enemy. After that testimony I was sold and my first "real" veggie garden will be born mid May 2009. recommendeds great site and most are cerified organic with a million tips for growing. I browsed and ended up ordered mostly transplants (already started plants)because I need instant gradification in my new

Cherokee Heirloom tomatos are the best, such wonderful colors and I hear these are the sweetess ever! 3.00 each/3 inch plant

Baby yellow pear tomatos, super bright and the site said that the plants yield a ton of fruit. 3.00 each/3 inch plant

Kings of North Red Bell Pepper: They look delish and this variety is sopposed to be unrivaled. I always use peppers in cooking and I'm trying to live more off the land.
3.00 each also.

Chamomille seeds: loved the tea & the pretty yellow flowers it produces. I think they were 4.75 for 250 seeds. This plant really spreads.

This project will start after we get back from Newport,Rhode Island...we leave tomorrow!!

Tell me about any good heirloom varieties you've tryed. This newbie needs all the help I can get;)