Apr 23, 2009

5 Hour Brooklyn Remodel

Ever since I spotted this fabulous pic from an extremely talented designer on theletteredcottage.com, I have had the idea
that my next house must be done with black cabinets...I'm currently in a bright white & green phaze.

My best friend of a gazillion years resides in Brooklyn and every time I visit it is total renovation. This time I called and said, I'm coming down,wanna redo your cabinets black?

Please note these pics were not taken with my camera..lol.

While in HomeCheapo we or I mean ME, decided to do a Mosaic tile back splash and re-do the ugly vinyl flooring to look like slate(it's a rental). I wouldnever willingly choose any flooring that is a heavy duty sticker;)Everything needed to get done all in a few hours so I can be home for my son's 4am feeding. The whole project came to a whopping $200.00!!! 5 sets of brushed silver knobs, paint,in a glorious shade and sheen, Behr Black Suede in Satin Finish, tile, tool..etc. I know I am crazy but she is the one that agreed to it.

All Samantha kept repeating was
"You are not leaving until this is done."

The Before, Oh my, an abomination! We primed with Kilz right over the 70's faux wood and rolled on the black. The trick is to use foam rollers, tiny ones. You never see a brush stroke and the paint goes on like butter.

The After, Can you believe it? I have to go back to grout but doesn't it just look great. The mosaics are great because if you go small enough you can avoid cutting.

So earthy...we said that all night.

Go figure the floor took the longest, Sam did that part. It was tedious work and a million cuts in a really crooked Brooklyn apartment.

Once again this was alot of work but pretty simple. I would like to add more tile above the stove and paint the entire wall from sink to ceiling in green chalk board paint to give it a real punch of color. We'll see what she allows but for now she's pretty amazed.