Mar 4, 2009

New Life for An Old Piece

The gift my mom gave me was this great antique dresser that a dog had been knawing on forever. The bottom left leg was pretty damaged but I can't bear to see ANYTHING hit the trash pile so I took it in. I have been wanting to paint a large furniture piece a bright torquise and this was perfect. I saw a turquise dresser in Lillian August last summer for $1200.00. (minus doggy bite marks). A little too spendy but I love that heaven of a store regardless.

My color inspiration was this blue french chandelier. It's distressed and super sharp. It can be used as a weapon when not in use. The blue fades from bright to dark. Most hate it but there area few that fall in love...that's how I gage who are "my peeps".

The finished product. Well almost, I need to find knobs. I'm thinking glass or something hand painted from Antropologie?

i love how it came out!

I lightly sanded with a sanding block (the only way to go ladies). Wiped it clean with a dry cloth and primed with Kilz all in one primer. Then did 2 coats of High Gloss Behr turquise paint and was very careful of my brush strokes.

It was a super quick project and now I am looking all over to paint something else a super bright and glossy color!

A great way to breath some life into an old piece..xoxo


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I just refinished a mirror (looks a lot like the one above your dresser actually) in the turquoise and I love it.

Sage Mommy said...

Thanks! That mirror was the only thing left here when we bought the house and I have been dying to do something to it. I just don't know yet