Mar 5, 2009

Linen Closet Re-Do While Boyfriend is Away

My boyfriend is a bike builder and left yesterday for Daytona Bike Week and me and rumps are really missing him. I wanted to surprise him and organize something since lately all my home projects are really wearing him down. He's the greatest guy to me and an even better daddy.
He deserves order in the household so I think this is the perfect little project.
Behold the DISASTER that is my linen closet now...
Terrible I know!

Here’s my linen closet organizing how-to tips…
Always nice to have a fresh start!

* Drag everything out of that closet, for starters ~

it will only get better from here.

* Wash down the shelves with something you love the smell of. For me it’s Green Works Spray. Eco Friendly & works excellent… Love it!

* If you need to re-paint, do it now. Maybe a smashing bright cheery color like brilliant apple green, or dark and sexy like chocolate brown. I think I'm going with Behr Decorator's white in High Gloss. ( I would only go dark if your lighting is good.) * Clever Labeling. If you are supremely into organizing, or generally cool ideas, you could do a little metal label holder on each shelf to let the world know that pillow cases go here, for instance. (So librarian of me, I know. )$1.25 for 2, you can't go wrong. You can also paint the edge of the shelf in chalk board paint and write on it or do what I did and tape off a square and fill in with chalk board paint for a clever little to do list.

* Sort your goods. Determine all your sheets sets and get together. Put everything that goes into the matching pillow case. That way everything is together and even your hubby can make the bed with ease;0

* Bins & Baskets If your linen closet also serves as a place to store toilet paper, toiletries, and the like… consider storing those in canvas bins or even wicker or metal. Look around your house. I bet you can find stuff that will look great. I went to Ikea today and found folding green & white canvas bins for 5.00 each. A set of 2 tin bins with lid is perfect for some extra do-dads(i'm putting my overflow of photos.)

* What will you keep, what will you toss? Now “toss” is a relative term for me, it’s more like…put it aside and make believe I'm taking it to

Can any of your sheets be re-classified to table cloths or picnic blankets? If not, consider donating your goods to your local thrift store or Goodwill.

* Consider the location of all the goods. All bedding near bedding… all towels, wash cloths, and the like together. Anything that gets less use or is seasonal should go near the top shelves.

It is done...not bad huh.I'm pretty proud,cleaned , painted & organized all with a 1 year old pulling at my pants leg the whole time;). I miss my man.

Thank God he is coming back tomorrow.

xoxo-Sage Mommy


Erica said...

Looks great! Adding some paint to wood veneer always makes it look bright and ageless. Have you thought about adding some simple trim pieces to the front of your door? We did that to our wood veneer doors, real simple rectangle shape about 5 inches from the edges, and painted them all white. Looks like they're original to the house.

Sage Mommy said...

We were going to but then Home Depot had a sale on interior wood doors and we ended up buying new doors. Only 2 have gone up so far. I love that idea and I think it would be cuteon the closet doors in the master. Thanks!

Rosemary said...

Wow, you did a fabulous job. Amazing with the little one assisting.!

Sage Mommy said...

Thanks Rosemary! That closetreally needed some freshning up. Now I love putting everything where it belongs.