Feb 25, 2009

Craft Room Renovation

This is the soon-to-be craft room that has been an ongoing project for a while but we are finally tackling it head on. I can't believe we have been in this house for a year already. It seems that we had to touch every inch to make it "ours". Thank God for great friends like "our floor guy" Andrew who came and sanded and polyed over badly abused oak floor

I am using this post as my design board
so let me know what you think...

I would love to find a stainless steel table and put casters on it

The CRAFT STUDIO above the door, so simple and adorable.

The variation in wood colors and chalk board really
makes this little corner super functional

I love how she took a great apothacary cabinet and surrounded it with custom cabinets to make it blend. Great room.

Vintage and super girly

Hammered stainless on top of a vintage table.
A job for my man. He'll love it.

The green walls are really fresh with the touches of bold red. I likey.

I purchased this chandelier years ago when I had my antique shop and am yet to hang it up in any house I had. This time it's going up & I thought the perfect place would be over a table like in this IKEA display below.

This is a definate for my closet door in the craft room. Love it and it's functional too. I also have an obsession for chalkboard paint as you can see in previous posts.

Any suggestions on wall color?


Anonymous said...

Plain and warm neutral - then you cover it with beautiful things !! That's my philosophy in my craft room (which i think is considerably smaller than yours !! Love the above ideas !!

Michelle said...

Wow - those images are gorgeous!! I too am doing my craft room but it just never seems to end :o) I get so far and then I start making something and it's all chaos again. Hope to finish it soon though.
Thanks for your lovely comments. I got the pattern for my bag online if you like I can send it to you? I live in Ireland, so maybe it's true about the Irish being so friendly after all :o) hence the big cup and flowers :o)
M x

Erica said...

I love the green and red room! I am incredibly partial to having green walls, so calming and it goes with any color. I love how you pick and choose details from each room but don't try to replicate... good choices.

Sage Mommy said...

Thanks! I lovethe warm nuetral idea because i have so many bright colored things...I think they need a calm back drop. Thanks again girls.