Jan 14, 2009

Very Cute Cupcake Stuff

I was thinking of doing something for Valentine's Day/My Birthday this year...maybe a little brunch?

I found some cute items that I think are perfect.

Cupcake cookies are exquisite! Sugar cookies & royal icing make these the prettiest I've seen hands down. More great cookies at cakejournal!

I saw this sign and fell in love! Picked out of a book from the 50's it is painted on canvas and could not be cuter!

Cupcake Placecard Holders. They come in sets of 4 with 8 blank cards, and you can get them for $8.49 from Organize

Awesome Giant Cupcake Pan, this professional weight pan
Creates a big 3-D cupcake "CAKE" for the whole party to share!
27.99 from sugarcraft
Direct from acupcakery is this large 100% cotton retro tablecloth. I am totally getting this for my Valentine's Day brunch table. 34.99 yummy.
I love the quirky shape and flirty illustrations on each of these cupcake dessert plates. You can find the set of 4 at Team Sugar
I'm going to post some cute Valentine's Day menus just as soon as I can;))

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