Jan 16, 2009

How to Display a Cupcake

Food presentation can be as simple or complex as you want. I try to always remember the fact that people eat with their eyes first so presentation really does matter!

The fact is you can bake the most delicious things but nobody cares unless your presentation is flawless.

This heart shaped cupcake wrapper is so lovely. It has little hearts cut into the cupcake wrapper and would look absolutely stunning for Valentines day cupcakes. Each order is 12 wrappers for $11.99 at shopbakersnook.com

I'm in love with the drippy pastel
color on the three in the middle.

With all the cute choices out there I must invest in at least 2 more.

I saw these little cupcake boxes on acupcakery.com. Such a cute idea for a little get together or birthday party favor. Fill the bottom with colored M&M's to match and hold cupcake in place.

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