May 6, 2011

{10 dollar diy light}

Thank the heavens for ANTROPOLOGIE and every creative mind that went into decorating and redecorating those stores! I get so much inspiration from a walk around with my Starbucks. This is something I saw there and then found it again while searching for other ideas. This is a clever idea for a light on the cheap. Even a wicker basket or kitchen strainer would be a great idea to try! Basically anything that has holes in the bottom to run the wire through or if you are able to drill with the right size bit then go for it!

I've seen the lighting kits at IKEA for 4 bucks and Home Depot for about 7 or 8. I love the shadows it gives when lit and it just screams that you are super creative to anyone who sees it.

Enjoy Melissa

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Toni said...

Just came across your blog - love it and your great ideas.