Apr 23, 2011

Display Your Brushes with STyLe..

I am always looking for ways to make decorating cakes easier and with doing in my home it is hard to make it pretty and functional at the same time. This clever artsy soul filled and old distressed planter with beans (I'd use black eyed peas)and then stuck all her brushes in there. They look so colorful and pretty it just makes you want to paint something.

I happened upon 2 planters this past weekend for this project at an estate sale I hosted and they look the same. Even been outside and neglected and the best part is I got both for 10 bucks!

Now I need to buy 100 more brushes to fill it;)

Anyone know a great source for art supplies that are on the cheap?

1 comment:

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I love it!!! I don't have enough brushes to do something this clever, but maybe I'll think of something else to display. :)