Dec 10, 2010

{ Sushipot, A Handmade Artists I Just Love }

You have to wonder what to do with the great vintage puzzle you picked up at a tag sale but your crazy little son has lost all the pieces to it and you now spend a good portion of everyday vacuuming them up. Well stop, because after being up for way too many hours making fondant love birds I stumbled upon this lady who is so creative and I adore her sense of color and style.
Above is an old cigar box that she decoupaged...i know its so cute! Now look at this lost puzzle piece fashioned into a Christmas ornament...brilliant again!

This wacky take on a dollhouse is great. The medical illistration has just the right punch of color to make this a serious piece of art but still keep it fun.

I would love to see what I have around this house of mine to come up with something whimsy. Please go check out her site on


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