Dec 28, 2010

{Diva Cake}

This cake was one of the most fun and challenging cakes to date. I worked with a "pillow cake pan" really not necessary but it was a last minute cake order and I wanted it to come out perfect so I splurged and purchased the pans. I only ended up using one because the cake was huge when I put them together so I used one and covered that with coral dyed fondant and ran the rope along the edge. One thing I will say is that there is no waste of cake when you use the pillow pans and they come out almost perfect after a little tweaking. The slipper is a chocolate candy mold I bought online and the entire cake is covered in fondant and the rope is painted with edible gold luster dust watered down with lemon juice and then applied by painting some corn syrup along the seam of the pillow to make it stick. I support the rope with some toothpicks until it dries the next morning, (that's a lil tip for you cake bakers out there).

{Peace Love & Cake}

sage mommy

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