Apr 14, 2010

{ Weekend Project Nature Inspired Black Accent Wall }

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, I have been so busy with my new endeaver "Matter of Design" estate sales, clean-outs, donations and color assisting(thanks Donna & Dave). Not complaining, it is GREAT!! So here is something that really caught my eye! It's a refreshing grown up and elegant take on chalkboard paint or just use black in satin finish. Add some of those inexpensive vinyl wall art stickers on top of totally cured black paint.  For those of us in the northeast, you can find them at Homegoods or I've seen them online at ebay.com for as little as 2.50 (check my link for awesome dandelion wall art that will look so soft and pretty against black walls or even a dark plum which is the color you see being used everywhere right now. Stencil a cool saying along side the art like this one "you'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try". Love the idea and nature inspired white painted birds and leaves are perfect! Great inspiration for all of us. Enjoy & happy decorating!

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