Apr 4, 2010

{ Rubber Cement Abstract Easter Eggs }

These eggs are really simple to make. The basic principle is, you drizzle rubber cement over the egg, let it dry, then color the egg. Naturally, the egg dye won't stick to the parts that are painted with the glue. After the egg is colored to the desired shade, let it dry completely, then carefully peel off the rubber cement. 

You can paint the rubber cement on plain white eggs, like we did with the blue and white or green and white eggs above. Another option is to dye the egg with a base color, then apply the rubber cement and re-dip in a contrasting color. The most important tip is to dry the eggs between colors and or coats of rubber cement.

Materials Needed:
hard boiled eggs
basic egg dyes in desired colors
a jar of rubber cement

Let the eggs really sit in the color to get a nice bright intense hue. I love how these came out and my son dyed his own kiddy style eggs in super fresh tie-dye. It was his first time dying eggs since he was too little last year. 2 is such a wonderful age. Happy Easter and I will post my pics of greek easter bread and kafatifi dessert that I tried my hand at tonight!

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