Sep 13, 2009

{ New Life For an Old Spool }

Back before diapers and sippy cups were a part of my everyday, I used to ride my motorcycle over by this electrical warehouse where we would all hang out. There would be tons of these spools around and I always thought they were the perfect shape for a kids table & chairs set. Recently, after a shopping trip to Baby Gap I was appalled to see some creative person had thought of this also and painted the whole thing in really cute shade of blue & orange. I'm even more in LoVe now that it was in front of me and why not use them? I called that same warehouse and they are letting me pick some up to use as seating for rumps 2nd birthday party coming up...and they are FREE!!

I'll post about the Wild West Round Up soon. Things are getting out of control with all the ideas!

I like the idea of stapling fabric and batting on top to soften the look.
Photo via

Screwing wheels on this table makes it look 100 times better and with it beingmobile the possibilities are endless. You can buy a pack of these large wheels at homedepot for around 6.00!

This creative gal changed the whole look by cutting the bottom into a square pedestal and adding a mosaic tile design on the top. If you apply sealant over a design this table will last outside for years.

I hope you are able to rescue some spools from an untimely death.


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