Sep 9, 2009

{ Lamp Shade Makeover }

We all love a project that uses what we already have. I'm sure everyone has a few yards of pretty fabric or left-over wallpaper that is dyeing to be showcased..right? We have all seen this project done but I think it's time to actually add this to the craft list. I picked a set of pendant lamps at goodwill for 12.00 and they were the perfect blank canvas to add some life & creativity above mybedside tables. They came out perfect!

Here are a few crafty ideas from other artists that I love and my
step by step directions on
how to create this finished look!

1. Why not dress up the inside -A hint of color and pattern is an eye-catching touch on the inside of a shade, especially for hanging lamps. Make a pattern by tracing the shape of your lampshade onto paper, allowing enough to overlap ends. Cut fabric using the pattern, coat the wrong side with spray adhesive, and carefully adhere the fabric to the inside of the shade. If you have difficulty controlling the fabric as you work, first back it with paper to stiffen it, then use adhesive to attach the paper side to the shade. Glue bias tape along the top and bottom edges to give the lining a finished look.

2. Give it a paper or Fabric makeover - Covering your lamp with paper is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to quickly make a new lamp shade. Trace the top and bottom of the shade by rolling it on wrapping paper, allowing extra to fold ends. Cut. Use cut paper as a pattern for a second piece if needed. Place paper on shade, aligning patterns. Fold ends, securing seams with double-sided tape. Glue ribbon on top and bottom. (The same technique can be used with fabric, but instead of double sided tape, attach the fabric with spray adhesive.)

I hope someone gets around to doing this.

Email me to show me pictures and I'll post them here!

-Sage Mommy


Catherine Anne said...

I LOVE it!!!!

design4home said...

I think lamp shade should choose glass for the best. As we all know, light become very hot when it is opened for a long time, if a lamp shade is made by cotton,fabric, it may easy burn. Unless the bulb you use is LED light.
The advantage of glass lamp shade is that:1,you can have different design, 2, you can have different color,3, safe,4, price is low, but look beautiful, and can be luxury if your design is good!
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