Aug 19, 2009

{Fireplace Scapes}

I think that many of us love our fireplaces in the wintertime for the ambiance and of course no one can deny the money saving attributes to heating but as soon as springtime rolls around the inside tends to start looking like an eye soar. I am sorry to say that I have not touched the piles of ash that accumilated since the winter but I just might someday? After sitting on my couch & imagining what it would look like cleaned and freshly painted black I decided to look what others our doing with theirs and I love what I found. The fireplace is a real empty canvas. The possibilities are endless.

For me, the glow that creamy white pillars cast on a room is so pretty at night. I would have a bunch at different heights & throw in a oversized clam shell filled with sand and smaller candles. I love bringing in elements of the sea whenever I can.

painting the inside of the fireplace with a fresh coat of black and making a vignette of found vases gives this fire scape a clean and thought out look. So springtime. photo via casasugar

This women had a piece of mirror cut to fit the exact opening and takes it off when the fireplace is in use. Very nice job of concealing the fact that its removable. Photo via apartmenttherapy

I love this pic because it is a simple idea but is hugely arcitectual and adds a natural element of color to this white via apartmenttherapy

Placing a flat screen is an in genius way to utilize that unused space left behind by a non functional fireplace. photo via unplgged

A few logs piled up & draped with a set of white string lights gives you a great fiery glow during the warmer months without the heat. photo via timeoutchicago

Just a painted piece of coral and a stone bust add a striking focal point and the clam magazine holder is too die for. photo via moodboard

Enjoy the post & please comment...I love hearing from my crafty peeps.
Sage Mommy

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