Jul 9, 2009

Homemade Almond & Apricot Seed Soap

Ever made your own soap? I hadn't until around 11pm tonight..what do you want, I'm a night owl. While at Micheal's on Tuesday I had spotted a huge aisle dedicated to soap making. I always thought making soap was messy, but it is soap right? I thought you needed a ton of equipment but I was so far off. I saw a large block of goats milk melt & pour base for 9.99. Almond oil 2.99 & some apricot seeds (a Lil exfoliate never hurt anyone) 3.99. I decided to go with these really simple molds that said "natural" & "homemade" that I fell for but I will be going back for these to die for piggy molds. My kitchen smells sweet & clean and my soap is resting on the table to be consumed in tomorrow's shower. Nothing like diving into a new craft & loving it.

Goat's Milk Almond & Apricot Exfoliating Bar

Everything you need:

Soap base (goat's milk is super moisurizing)
scented oils (apricot & almond oil)
exfoliant (apricot seeds)
coloring (food coloring)
double boiler or microwave
molds (you could use a muffin tin)
cooking spray for lubricant
wooden spoon

Directions are so easy & fun. I will not be seeing another bar of Dove in my shower for a quite some time.

First: cut your base up into chunks along the perforated lines and put into the double boiler. Keep stirring until everything is dissolved and soupy.

Second: Turn off heat and add a few drops of your oils. You can also add food coloring but a little goes a long way. Just 1 drop of red & 1 drop of orange got me the color I wanted.

Third: I added my packet of seeds and stirred with a wooden spoon until everyone got to know each other.

Fourth: Sprayed molds quickly and poured CAREFULLY so the soaps would be nice & perfect on top

BUT I didn't pour ALL OF IT.

Fifth: I got crafty and kept a little soap in the pot and added just a drop or two more coloring and mixed. Then I poured the remainder in to "top off" and give a striped effect when I popped them out. Well that was the plan anyway:) the color variation is definitely there & I'm really excited for how they turned out.

Let sit for a few hours & pop them out when firm. Mine smell so yummy and look fantastic. I can't wait to use them tomorrow morning. I was able to get 5 good size bars from the mold. They are gonna make the best gifts.
Oh yeah, almost forgot...clean up was a breeze;))


Anonymous said...

You have sparked my interest. Now I wanna try.

Erica said...

I've been wanting to try this craft as well. I'm getting out of my anti-bacterial-everything phase and want to go back to basics. Plus you can't beat the price!

Amy said...

Your soap looks great! I made some soap a few years back using instructions that I found in Martha Stewart Living--lots of fun! My favorite was a bar that I made where I used a packet of herbal tea as the fragrance (a Sleepy Time type blend). Enjoy your new soap!

Sage Mommy said...

I love that idea. I tryed some with green tea and cocoa last night. I didn't use it yet but they smell great.