Jul 6, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

I am the first one to paint the walls when I move into a new house. Always found it hard to live with white when there are so many wonderful choices in the color wheel. But I admit I am totally in love with the coastal style. Bright stark white walls, with touches of found objects and bursts of bright reds & blues or sun washed shades of sea foam greens & buttery yellows...LOVE IT.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air imagining yourself in these pics courtesy of Coastal Living.

The doors rich wood color just pops in this room.

The barn red stools bring everything together.

The washed out sage green door used as a headboard is so gorgeous and the clam painting & painted blue floor...ahhh.

I adore the shutters on either sides of the windows and the rich wood grains make me feel like I'm at a seaside bed & breakfast. I think I need to buy an oar from the world market. and find a nice place for it.

Outdoor shingles painted white are something I would have never thought of but against this nautical bed (I can picture my son throwing the pillows everywhere).

Metal beach signs are the perfect blast of color next to the painted white bench(which I have in my backyard;) Striped red & blue fabrics and rugs always complete the coastal feel.

The corals & greens are so soft & refreshing. Love the painted wicker stools and big mirror above the sink. Does anyone notice if that is an oval shaped metal container turned upside down to make an island light fixture?

Looking at beautiful design always brings a smile to my face and I hope it does the same for you today.

xoxo-Sage Mommy


Erica said...

Love those photos, they really do have a beautiful style. I think that the important factor for why it looks so good is that all of those walls have something going on structurally, no plain-Jane drywall there. I would love to have those cedar shakes in that red, white, and blue bedroom!

Sage Mommy said...

Isn't is the best. Quite a cheap fix too. Makes you want to start beadboarding the whole house. Which brings me to an upcoming post.

Amy said...

I second the first poster's comment above--the reason the white walls work so well is that each wall has an interesting texture or structural element (beadboard, shingles, etc.). This is why white walls in a suburban house can look so stale and blah while the same white in a rustic beach cottage can look gorgeous.