Jun 26, 2009

Dumpster Diving With Jose

Yeah, things are taking on a whole new level of crazy. My obsession with finding great pieces of furniture "FREE" of charge has moved to the local dump. Look at all this stuff! I had the idea to call up after a successful Thursday afternoon tag sale to clean the garage out. I didn't want to waste a trip & was curious to see if it was ok to come by & take a look. The guy who answered the phone burst out laughing and said "sure honey,come on down I'm Jose". I think he was a bit taken back when I pulled up in a BMW & wearing a dress & toting a small child. He knew who I was the second I started snooping around "the crusher" (that's dump lingo that I am now down with). He quickly asked me to wait until everyone was done dumping and then he would let me walk through with him and take what I wanted (discretely). Siked is not even the word. I know I have problems.

Let me give you a little background...I have been blessed with getting furniture, toys & even clothes for next to nothing or free my entire life. I have no idea what it is..it might be that I always seem to talk to the guy in charge of things plus the willingness to do anything helps me along. I think God knows that I love the thrill of the find so he leads me to it. Hey I don't want this stuff ending up in some landfill!

Well I rummaged through and found neatly placed in the corned a very nice antique-y looking tray table with claw foot legs. It needs a bit of sanding, and maybe a nice coat of milk paint and it'll be fabulous to sell or maybe for a side table in our bedroom.

So this is the second half of my day & the rest of the world's so it can't go UN-filed. When I arrived home and heard the news of Micheal Jackson pronounced dead and my phone began to ring with the news standing in my living room I felt so sad inside. I have grown up watching Michael and really loved him. I never swayed when all the allegations were thrown around about him. I always saw a little boy that was scared to grow old and loose that kindred spirit that he admired so much in children. I took my son out for ice cream after the news and all you could hear was Michael's music everywhere. How sad to think that at only 50 he is gone. I cried in the car listening to some of my favorite songs "human nature & I'll always love you". He was loved by millions. Makes you wish sometime that you were his friend and could have protected him from all the people that were fake around him. I'll always remember what I was doing when I heard this terrible news. I hope he's in a better place and can finally live in peace. xoxo Michael

Where were you when you heard?

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