Apr 16, 2009

A New England Field Trip

My hubs bought me a great new camera, the Nikon D-40. I woke up feeling like I needed to get some frame worthy shots of the 'lil' one + the fact that it was thee most perfect day in Connecticut. I snatched up Rumps, dressed him all nautical-like & headed out to take some pictures down at the Norwalk Marina & skate park.

He was in apsolute awe of the sheer size of these massive vessels. We collected shells together and then drove around looking at all the gourgous beach homes. Sometimes I just love New England! Oh yah and my new camera is so user friendly for a novice like myself. The pictures are super crisp and the wide angle really captures exactly the picture that your eyes are seeing. I'm officially in love.

I loved our day together..he is now passed out on the couch as I quietly type away. I have to say that I have always been one to havea great time and never needed a million to do it. My entire day cost me 6 bucks (coffee, bagel and apple juice that I shared with my little man;) Priceless memories!

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