Mar 11, 2009

10 tips to Striking Front Door Style

I think the saying goes..."eyes are the windows to the soul. "
Well if they are then your front entrance means a ton when it comes to the overall feel of your home. This spring I plan on really concentrating on the front entrance and yard. I want to change the front door to something bright and new, add a fence and some stonework somewhere?
Here's a list of tips I need to remember and inspiration
photos I've been collecting.

#1 "Lighting" -
Hang a pendant light or a wall sconce or two to add brilliant style. If you are worried about cost put a compact fluorescent bulb in. For additional lighting, line stairs or walkways with lanterns or have spotlights placed in your yard aimed to shine on stairs.

#2 " Keep it Clean" -
I am the first to admit that the front of my house can look a little shabby but after this post it won't!

Check this project out at Loverevolutionary.blogspot

#3 "Doormat" -
Whether it's teak or rubber, a good doormat will not only add a decorative touch to the front door, it will also help prevent dirt and mud from getting tracked inside.

#4 "Keep It Contained" -
Flank a doorway or path with over sized containers to make a grand statement. When choosing large containers, go with fiber stone, copper or zinc as they are frost resistant and won't need to be moved inside during cold weather.

#5 "Plant life" -
Lush foliage, a dried branch arrangement, an olive or citrus tree, or colorful flowers add life to entrances. Mums are a great & inexpensive way to add color to an entrance.

#6 "Door Flair" -
I added a brass door kick plate and knocker to add pizazzz to a my plain door.

#7 "Door color" -

This is the time to really show off. Let the color reflect
who you are & what's inside your home. Search for complimentary colors to go with your house.

#8 "Window boxes" -
Planted up with sturdy foliage they add a great element. Over-the-rail brackets are available instead of or in addition to front window boxes.

#9 "Art in the yard" -
Statues at front entrances makes a real impact in terms of expressing personal style - lions and spheres ooze elegance, cherubs say romance, and mini iron chairs add whimsey.

#10 "Be Original" -
Add something that's just for you, an antique tool that's stuck in your garden for decor or a chair painted in a bright color...whatever makes u happy!

Make sure to tell me any ideas you have & what your outside projects are going to be this summer!


C'est Magnifique said...

Hi, Is the pink door on Kings Road in Chelsea? It looks familiar! Thanks x

C'est Magnifique said...

Hi, is the pink door at kings road in chelsea? It looks familiar! Thanks x