Feb 3, 2009

Forever Young...

I think I have a crush on some of you bloggas. Why we all can't take over an entire town is a dream that really needs to happen. All we need is Michael's Craft, Home Depot & Stop & Shop and we'll all thrive!

Until then let's mingle together in my computer and craft and cook ...happily ever after.

So I have been having a week of questions like...Where's my pre-mommy body and why did I sell my motorcycle? Do I need to make a big change or do something crazy and spontanius like in my younger years. So I sit down to upload cooking pics and read some blogs, feeling a little out of it & unmotivated until I read a very sweet comment left by Micha at dandaliondaydreams.
She posted a sweet little comment on her blog that really made me think...

There are a million of us out there that read & write about the things we love, are proud of or just sick of & it's nice to be able to document all the things that move you through a day & it's great to know that people r listening.

Thanks Micha for nominating me!

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and I nominate>>>
  1. The Nesting Place, she is filled with the cutest ideas and cozy mistreatments. love her, I am addicted to everything she tells me to do..lol

  2. Katy Elliot for her adventures in remodeling an old home and loving timeless style and being able to take huge projects on with an plan an end in site!I love it.

  3. Micha at Dandaliondaydreams for her daughters crayons in crocs rendition and for having a gift to write and keep you engaged in her daily activites!

  4. my girl 4eva & a day Age at durkssundaydinner for being able to cook her %#@ off since she was 10. This girl has MY man dreaming of HER meat...beef loin that is!

  5. And in no particular order...What's for Lunch Honey? If you haven't please help yourself.

1 comment:

Age said...

Thank you!!! you are too sweet!
You are the one that inspired me to blog about the foodstuff