Feb 4, 2009

DIY Headboards...Super Cute Ideas

Not all of us can have 900 sq ft boodwah' like Michelle Obama so we have to try to make the most of what we are given. So many times we decorate the entire house leaving our bedroom for last. I am guilty of it also.

Today let's try to make were we lay our heads a little bit of a sanctuary & here are some wonderful ideas to make that bed of yours a focal point that will turn heads.

This idea is genius and justtakes a little measuring and taping. If you don't want to buy paint just add white paint to your existing wall color and you will have a whole new shade!

A simple white shelf lends itself to this space and make the bed a focal point while adding storage for this small minimal bedroom

Rustic old outdoor shutters are painted and staggered across
this bed for an unexpected shabby chic look.

hollow core doors painted black and piled horizontally above bed.

I have a secret obsession with letter and number sculptures and this one is for me. Looks kinda dangerous to sleep next too huh?

Bi-fold closet doors are given a new life with decorative paper
pasted into middle and secured to wall.

This large piece of artwork looks great in this modern bedroom.
Choose a picture that matches your decor and
offers a soothing backdrop to your bed.

These two headboards were apolstered by the homeowner and look fantastic. Pick a really bold color or pattern when doing this. It adds so much interest to this child's room.

A collection of flea market found plates is a great idea to spruce up your bed for very little money. My Goodwill sells plates for .50 and you can always find a plain white grouping in differnt shapes to add some great interest.

An architectial piece is a great way to add interest to your
bed without having to use a headboard.
Hope This Post Inspires you To Pretty Up Your Bedroom!


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