Feb 15, 2009

Displaying Fun Collections

We all have collections of things we love but sometimes go flat when it comes to presentation. When I found these pics I thought they were fresh & fun and wanted to share...
Can this please be MY house...
I love vintage lunch boxes & am still upset with my mom for not keeping all of ours in a safe deposit box. I had a Knight Rider one that I really need now. The blank white walls really make this entire wall an art piece.What kid wouldn't sit here and eat. I am starting a collection immediately for my son(& me).

How great is this collection of vintage skeleton keys. i would maybe hang them horizontal but that's just me being anal about everything being straight.

A bowl of old tops...I would love have these on the coffee table so they can be used AND admired.

So I spotted this pic on Countryliving.com and I have to say that I knew what they were but never thought to collect them. Vintage Rug Beaters? Who would havethought. This man's displaying power is genius and super dangerous;).

Rrecently on Food Network there was an interview with Bobby Flay and a tour of his cucina and he had a fab collection of food art on his walls and I just thought that the simple frames and placement in this photo would be pretty precious above a kitchen desk.

This is the cutest way to display display your favorite morning coffee mug. I wish I had the wall space to make one for my kitchen. Painting the inside black really makes the cups pop.

Can anyone say blue & white"corning ware"? I really love that her collection is easily accessible for everyday use and the shelf placement high above really draw the eye up while also acting as art for this room.

During this past summer me & the hubs were taking a stroller walk to some tags sales in the neighborhood and I spotted an old 70's globe with a rod iron stand. I had to have it. After much pleading about how much i needed it he finally gave in and it now sits in a box on the closet floor.

I'm taking it out tomorrow and buying 10 more because of this pic.

You will definatly need quite a bit of coffee for this project but look at the result. Worth it

I saved the most fun for last. Each one is held with double sided Velcro. What fun for a child's room. Great way to display. Bravo

I hope this post finds you and inspires you to
display the things you love in a new way.
OH...it's officially 12:17am and MY BIRTHDAY!!
33 years young and loving it;)))


Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I love the collectible post. The pez one is the top of my list. What creative ideas.
I have also posted my rice pudding recipe hope you try it soon and enjoy it.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday !!!! Hope you had a lovely day x