Feb 18, 2009

Birthday Brunch

I have mentioned them before on this blog but my lovely girlfriends and sisters Tara & Age gave me the most wonderful birthday brunch complete with delicious Mimosas. Age made the greatest mango, strawberry & pineapple fruit salad and a egg scramble of broccolli, leaks and cheese that was to die for. Home style potatos, breads and turkey bacon completed the meal...YUMM. I washed it all down with a pot of coffee.

They even got me tulips...my favorite!!

This is my son "baby rumps, nu-nuz or goobels" he really is the coolest kid ever...NO Really he is.

This might be the second coolest kid I have ever met and the most thoughtful kid to be around..meet Nick(tara's son).

My Friend Tara & Nick sitting watching rumps explore...

and explore... feels like yesterday he was stuck holding on to the coffee table trying to walk.

I love you rumps..xoxoxox

He saw this bike on the way back in and got upset when he couldn't ride it away...poor lil guy;)

After such a great day, I came home to a nice dinner(that I did not have to make)& an ice cream cake. No birthday is complete without someone singing happy birthday, I don't care how old i get. They'll SING!


Age said...

LOVE the pics
he looks so cute in my hat

sage mommy said...

thanks, my tulips are looking better than ever today!!

sage mommy said...

I didn't take any picsof the hostess...awwwww